Wednesday 18 October 2017

Marla Ahlgrimm Answers Questions About Diabetes

Marla Ahlgrimm
Diabetes is caused by overly-abundant glucose, which is commonly known as blood sugar. According to Marla Ahlgrimm, it happens when the body fails to produce or properly utilize insulin.

Q: What are the types of diabetes?

Marla Ahlgrimm: There are three primary types of diabetes: type I, type II, and gestational. Both men and women are at-risk of type I and type II. Gestational diabetes, which only happens when a woman is pregnant, is exclusive to the fairer sex.

Q: How do I know if I am at risk?

Marla Ahlgrimm: Each type of diabetes has unique risk factors. For type I, these include age, history, and viral infections. Type II diabetes is often triggered by obesity and menopause. Minorities and those with high blood pressure tend to carry higher risks of type II diabetes. Gestational diabetes is triggered by hormones caused by placental development. While these risk factors increase a person’s chance of developing the disease, researchers have yet to pinpoint an exact cause of type I and type II diabetes.

Q: Are men and women affected in the same ways?

Marla Ahlgrimm: Despite the fact that diabetes is an equal opportunity disease, women are subject to unique side effects. When compared with men, diabetic women run a higher risk of heart disease, blindness, and depression. Additionally, women with diabetes tend to have a poor quality of life.

Q: What other health conditions are linked to diabetes?

Marla Ahlgrimm: Type I diabetes and gestational diabetes don’t typically trigger other health conditions. However, type II diabetes can lead to blood vessel damage that affects the body in a number of surprising ways. Hearing loss, circulatory issues, kidney failure, blindness, stroke, and heart disease are linked to blood vessel damage. Women with type II diabetes tend to suffer vaginal and urinary infections and may have difficulty getting pregnant or experience complications during pregnancy.


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