Tuesday 6 July 2021

Marla Ahlgrimm: White Vinegar Is More Than A Salad Dressing

Marla Ahlgrimm

White vinegar has been around for as long as all of us can remember. Our mothers used it for cleaning and cooking, but Marla Ahlgrimm says that vinegar may even have some health benefits. 
Marla Ahlgrimm explains that white vinegar, and specifically the acid component of it, might help control blood sugar. She explains that a few teaspoons of vinegar is thought to lower blood sugar levels after eating. Vinegar may also be helpful for women trying to lose weight. A quick drink of white vinegar changes the way the stomach empties, which can lead to feelings of fullness and subsequently a lower caloric intake. 

People with high cholesterol might also consider ingesting vinegar regularly. Marla Ahlgrimm explains that, although more research is needed, lower cholesterol levels are common in people who take vinegar for its health benefits. Just as important, vinegar has antimicrobial properties, and it has been used to treat everything from ear infections to warts. It’s also likely that your grandmother told you to put a rag soaked in vinegar on sunburns, as vinegar is a well-known topical treatment after sun exposure. 
Don’t want to drink vinegar by itself? Marla Ahlgrimm says you don’t have to. Pickles are soaked in vinegar, so a dill spear once a day may have some protective benefits. You can even add vinegar to salads, sauces, and marinades. Certain types of baked goods even utilize vinegar and baking soda (or, sometimes, buttermilk and baking soda) to create an airy rise. 
Vinegar in itself doesn’t taste great, says Marla Ahlgrimm. But, mixed with lemonade or ingested by way of food or condiments, it is a very well tolerated addition that can spice up any meal.


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